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Our customer is a global player in the banking business. Within the investment department some new vacancies have been created in customer support. The new jobs focus on supporting existing customers in dealing with the electronic depot management - meaning the sale and buy of shares, bonds or other investments. You don't need to be a banker or have a background in the banking sector. Your responsibility will be to explain how to browse through the internet site or how to change passwords or to set up a new account.

We are looking for staff speaking Czech with English or German.

Typical questions that might arise are:
- How can I limit the purchase or sales price?
- How can I activate the banking app / how does it work with online transaction codes?
- can I use a foreign bank account?
- how can I select a specific trading location / stock exchange?

The succussful candiate (m/f/d):
- understands the importance of professionalism
- is interested in solving questions concerning the utilisation of modern banking software
- is customer oriented and polite in wording
- is flexible concerning working hours
- is equipped with basic principles of IT
- believes in team spirit

If you need any assistance please don't hesitate to call Robert on +49 (0) 30 789 59 07 11

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