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10787 Berlin

If you are passionate about technology and would like to help other people, you (m/f/d) should consider joining our customer. Our customer is not just any call center. Here you will receive extensive training and reliable support from colleagues (m/f/d) and team leadership before start working.

Customers are not a number that will be processed as quickly as possible, but the customer will be answered in detail all questions until he is satisfied. In addition to the interest in technical issues, it is above all your ability to listen that will make you successful. One of your other strengths is to present facts in such a way that the customer understands them the first time.

A first experience in consulting on wireless devices is certainly an advantage, ideally you already have experience in a customer support / customer service environment.

We are interested in the functionality of Android, Windows Mobile or other smartphones. Expert advice builds customer loyalty, ensuring that customers are satisfied customers. You have technical understanding of mobile Internet connectivity, networking, web and e-mail protocols, and experience with Apple and Microsoft operating systems.

Your job is to provide the customer with solutions whenever he needs them - so you can plan your working hours flexibly, even on public holidays and weekends. The working atmosphere at our customer is characterized by respect, integrity and mutual trust. This helps you and your colleagues to look after customer concerns in a positive way.

In order to join the customer support / customer service we need fluent language skills in English and German.

If you need any assistance please don't hesitate to call Robert on +49 (0) 30 789 59 07 11

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